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At Payette Steel Building Components, we specialize in commercial projects for both new construction and renovations. Our high-quality steel building products deliver long-lasting, sustainable performance and come in a variety of styles to meet the needs of a variety of commercial projects. We provide everything from secondary structural components, such as Cee and Zee purlins, to long lasting metal siding, and roofing panels. Let our staff and management share their years of experience to help you succeed in your next commercial project.


With Payette Steel Building Components jobsite panel roll formers, we can form our SSP-218 panels continuously at the jobsite. Even if your next project requires 150’ long panels!

payette steel jobsite panel roll former machine
payette steel jobsite panel roll forming

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payette steel structural components welding

At Payette Steel Building Components, we provide welding of the Cee’s that we manufacture to create a column often used in the carport market.

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payette steel commercial welding projects
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